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Beautification & Celebrations


Servant Leader: Sheila Wright
Phone: 501.772.1395

Mission: To enhance the visual appeal of the sanctuary and church making special preparations for holidays and special events as we glorify God. When we enter His place of worship, we will honor Him with good stewardship and respect through aesthetic efforts to the best of our abilities.

church anniversary

Servant Leader: Freddie & Faye Scott
Phone:  313.618.1431; 501.680.5815
Email:   ;

Mission: To celebrate 129 years of SJMBC's history as an opportunity to involved the church family and friends in discovering and sharing the church history - within the church and the community.

pastor's anniversary

Servant Leader: Lashaun Vaughn
Contact Info: 501.580.2211

Special recognitions committee 

Servant Leader: Rev. Nate & Jamilyn Noble
Contact Info: 501.690.0068

Wedding Coordinator 

Servant Leader: Michelle Oliver-Johnson
Contact Info: 501.612.1951